Adrian Mateos Wins GGPoker Super MILLION$ for $428,624

Breaking Down the Action:

  • Online and Live Legends Leave Early
  • Boika and Mateos on Collision Course
  • The Matador Ends on Top

The latest Super MILLION$ final table played to a conclusion on GGPoker, and it was Spanish poker sensation Adrian Mateos who brought home the title and a massive $428,624 score.

The 42nd edition of the weekly poker tournament on GGPoker was a big one, and there were some very well-known names at the final table felt. Let’s look at what happened to them.

Online and Live Legends Leave Early  

Last week, Brazil’s Yuri Dzivielevski won the top prize and the Super MILLION$ title, but he would make the first exit from the final table in the 42nd edition of this weekly $10,300-buy-in event.

Dzivielevski banked $53,578 for his efforts as he left in 9th place, his stack was called off with pocket sixes, losing a coinflip to Adrian Mateos’ king-ten all-in.

Next to go was Sam Greenwood, the Canadian earning $69,482 for his 8th place finish when his re-raise for 1.6 million chips (all but a few blinds) with pocket nines was called by David Coleman with ace-five. Greenwood’s loose chip-change was in the middle in the next hand with pocket nines again. This time, though, he was called down by Joao Vieira, whose king-ten rivered Broadway.

Russian player ‘RRomashka’ was on the rail with $90,170 burning a hole in their bankroll after their race ended in 7th place. All-in with king-ten of spades for just five big blinds, their race was run when ‘Nator’ called with pocket deuces and held despite a world of outs opening up for the aggressor in the hand right the way to the brick river.

Boika and Mateos on Collision Course

It was Portuguese poker professional Joao Vieira who finished 6th, his last chips going to ‘Nator’ in a massive pot where Vieira’s diamond flush on the turn was no good in the end against Nator’s flopped full house. If that was unlucky for Vieira, then the $116,854 he earned for his efforts were eclipsed by the $151,541 won by David Coleman, who lost with pocket jacks against Artur Papazyan’s ace-queen for his final seven big blinds.

Papazyan missed out on a podium finish when he couldn’t survive the next elimination, his calling of Aliaksei Boika’s shove with jack-eight doomed despite being ahead, Papazyan’s ace-five unable to hold when an eight flopped his opponent ahead and he left, albeit with $196,525 in his GGPoker account.

At that time, Boika had more than double the chips of his two remaining opponents, but that wouldn’t last, Mateos getting the better of the Mexico-based Nator to battle his way heads-up.

The Matador Ends on Top

It was Aliaksei Boika who went into heads-up with the chip lead, holding 13.6 million chips to Mateos’ 7.5 million, but that swiftly changed, Mateos levelling very quickly as the duel progressed.

From there, the Spaniard bullied his opponent into submission, taking control before the final hand saw Noika three-bet with six-seven and flop a seven. Mateos had raised with queen-jack, however, and a jack was on the flop too. A five on the turn was followed by a queen on river and when Mateos shoved when ahead in chips, Boika called away his tournament life.

Aliaksei Boika won $330,514 for finishing as runner-up, while Adrian Mateos took home $428,624 for taking down the tournament.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ March 30th Final Table Results:

1stAdrian MateosSpain$428,624
2ndAliaksei BoikaCyprus$330,514
4thArtur PapazyanU.S.A.$196,525
5thDavid ColemanU.S.A.$151,541
6thJoao VieiraPortugal$116,854
8thSam GreenwoodCanada$69,482
9thYuri DzivielevskiBrazil$53,578

Watch all the drama play out right here in the 42nd edition of the Super MILLION$ final table re-run show:

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