How to Win Football Accumulators

As a football punter, there’s no better feeling than landing a big accumulator. The problem is actually knowing how to win football accumulators!

Big football accumulators aren’t easy to pull off. Let’s face it, if they were, there’d be no bookmakers. But some professional football tipsters make a living placing smaller accumulators that are aimed to provide themselves and their followers with a tidy profit over the course of a season.

Researching Selections For Football Accumulators

Winning football accumulators doesn’t come easy for most football tipsters. They put in hours of research, including studying current form, past head-to-heads, current gossip, and how teams play with or without key players in their starting line-ups.

Picking selections for your football accas is not just about finding winners, it’s also about including selections that are available at value odds. By value, we mean the odds are bigger than you think they should be.

For example, if you think Manchester City are a good bet to beat Manchester United, you might price City up at even-money to win. If City are available at even-money or bigger, include them in your accumulator. If City are shorter than even-money, you should leave them out.

Every time you include a value selection in your accumulator, you are tipping the odds in your favour. If you include teams at non-value prices, you are tipping the odds in the bookmaker’s favour.

Nowadays, selections for football accumulators don’t have to be in the outright market. You can also delve into a variety of other football markets, such as over/under goals, and both teams to score.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to pick the winner of a match, but easy to pick a winning bet in other markets. Most bookmakers will now let you include bets from a wide range of markets in your football accumulators.

Best Odds For Football Accumulators

Once you’ve picked your selections for your football accumulators, it’s important to get the best odds for them. Sadly, it’s rare for one bookmaker to be offering the best odds about all your selections, so you’ll normally have to settle for the best accumulative odds.

The great news is that you can check the best accumulative odds at a variety of odds comparison sites, with the most popular one being Oddschecker.

Just remember when placing your football accas that you want all the selections to be available at value odds or bigger. If one selection isn’t it’s often a good idea to leave that one out.

Using Bookie Offers For Football Accumulators

Return on investment (ROI) is a popular phrase used by tipsters, and ROI is used to measure how good tipsters are. For example, if a tipster makes an average profit of 20% on all the bets he places, his return on investment will be 120%.

For example, let’s say that a professional football tipster places total bets that add up to £50,000 in a season. If his ROI is 120%, he will show a profit of £10,000 at the end of the season.

As a punter, you can increase your ROI further by taking advantage of the many bookmaker promotions and concessions that are available. If you’ve not opened accounts with many bookmakers, then you’ll be able to claim welcome offers, such as free bets and bonuses, when you do. These offers give you the chance to boost your bank balance for free, which always helps your ROI.

Bookmakers also offer a variety of concessions on football matches, with acca insurance being one of the most popular ones. Many bookmakers will let you place four-folds and bigger and, if one selection lets you down, they’ll give you your stake back as a free bet. This may not sound much but, if you turn that free bet into a winner, your ROI will increase for very little effort.

Some bookmakers also offer accumulator boosts. These boosts normally increase with each selection. For example, you might get a 5% boost on your winnings if you land a five-fold acca, but you might get a 100% boost if you land a 20-fold acca. These offers are always worth considering.

How Many Selections Should I Include In My Football Acca?

When it comes to how to win football accumulators, some punters stick to a rigid structure of say five or six selections. But you may also wish to adopt a strategy that allows you to put as many selections in your football acca as you see fit.

Let’s say you choose to specialise in the English Premier League matches. You spend an hour studying each match religiously every week, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find the same number of value bets each week.

One week, you might find eight value selections. You think each bet offers the same value, so there’s nothing wrong with including all eight. It will be harder to try and take two out.

The following week, you may only find four value selections. If this is the case, stick to the four-fold, there’s no need to try and force two more selections into the bet because someone told you that you should always have six selections. What will make you cross is if your four value selections all win and one of the forced selections loses.

What Bets Should I Put In Football Accumulators?

There is something greatly satisfying about landing a football acca with selections that you’ve picked yourself but, if you’re not good at picking winning selections, then following a profitable football acca tipster can be a great way to earn some extra money for very little effort.

It may take you 40+ hours a month to study all the Premier League games, but can you earn enough money from your tips to cover that time? However, a subscription to a top football tipster normally costs between just £30 and £60 a month, which isn’t much an hour when you work it out – but the choice is yours.

How To Win Football Accumulators [Recommended Stategy]

Our how to win football accumulators strategy is simple:

• Use value selections (whether they’re yours or your tipster’s)
• Use selections from different types of football markets
• Be flexible with the number of selections you use
• Get the best accumulative odds for your football accas
• Take advantage of any football offer or concessions to boost your ROI

We hope that’s answered your question about how to win football accumulators. Happy punting!

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